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Welcome - What is Ka'Tun?

k'atun or k'atun-cycle is a unit of time in the Mayan calendar equal to 20 tuns or 7,200 days. The k'atun was also used to reckon the age of rulers. We are a group of individuals who are dedicated to becoming rulers in this, the age of video games. At Ka'Tun Studios, we are pushing the boundaries and exploring new ideas that will help shape the way we look at gaming forever.

Welcome to the Ka'Tun Revolution - try to keep up.

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You are Condor, just fresh out of flight school on your way home aboard the USS Kennedy when you receive your call to arms. You are now in charge of stabilizing the the enemy region with the use of heavy firepower.

This action based flight simulator is controlled by the accelerometer. You have 3 initial levels to play through on the lite version and 9 on the paid, with 3-9 very different mission objectives. The confrontation is based in present day, off the coast of Eastern Africa. You will have to take off and land in your F-22 Raptor.

Users are calling Covert OPS Condor:

"Takes a bit of getting use to but after that its great. Awesome graphics. Fun to play."

"Cool game. Its pretty sweet for a phone game, you don't see too many flight sims that look this good on the phone."

"Woks perfect on my droid x, and works perfect on my Galaxy 10.1. Best looking flight simulator out there."


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